Melt and pour soap

Amethyst crystal soaps

These gorgeous amethyst crystal soaps are so easy to make using clear and white melt and pour soap bases. But the best part is carving the soap into little crystal shapes. And the results are stunning! […]


Testing purple micas

The last in the mica colour test series, purple is particular important for the ever popular lavender soap. However, it has always been a difficult colour to achieve in cold process soap, one reason many soap makers turn to micas for this colour. […]


Jelly soap: tips and tricks

Jelly soap base is very easy to work with: cut, melt and pour. However, the viscosity of the soap does leave (unwanted) air bubbles trapped within. How to get rid of these and which method is best for melting the jelly soap base? […]

Melt and pour soap

Fish in a bag with a jelly twist

I’ve added a twist to the popular ‘fish-in-the-bag’ soaps by using jelly soap to create these fun jiggly-wobbly blue soap cubes with a brightly coloured toy fish inside. Kids will love these and they are so easy to make! […]


Soap making and bath bombs

Teaching is such a wonderful experience and I love to share my passion of making soaps and bath bombs with others. Often people come to these courses not really expecting much from themselves, but then they get all excited when they find out that soap making isn’t all that difficult and that they are very capable of creating some pretty amazing soaps themselves. […]

Cold process soap

Ocean Waves Soap

Dusting mica between the layers will add a touch of sophistication to your soaps. But the real star of this soap is the three dimensional mica swirling on the surface to recreate the movement of the waves in the ocean. […]


Testing blue micas

Three blue micas, so similar in colour, yet result in very different shades of blue in cold process soap. It’s always good to test your micas before using it in soap making as this week’s test clearly showed. […]

Balms and lotions

Minty foot butter

A quick and easy whipped butter recipe, with rich avocado oil, nourishing shea butter and refreshing peppermint essential oil to help revive your feet, especially now that winter is here and our feet are stuck in shoes and socks all day. […]