DIY Soap Box 12-month subscription

$55.00 on the last day of each month for 12 months

12-month DIY Soap Box subscription. Includes FREE SHIPPING, 10% discount on subscription price and a free welcome gift.

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First payment: October 31, 2021



Subscribe to the DIY Soap Box and each month, for 12 months, you will receive a box with handpicked ingredients and full instructions to create a unique beautifully designed skin-loving soap.

Every month will be different with a different type of soap or design!

Detailed instructions will guide you along each step of the way.

High quality and skin-safe ingredients have been pre-weighed and measured for ease of use.

The recipes are vegan-friendly, palm-free, and gentle on the skin.

Everything is packaged in eco-friendly, biodegradable or re-usable packaging.

Each box includes:

  • welcome letter
  • detailed full-colour instructions
  • all the ingredients to make approximately 1000 ml of soap (10 bars of soap), including lye, oils, colours, fragrance and additional ingredients
  • special material or equipment if the recipe calls for it, such as piping bags, decoration, etc.
  • soap labels
  • full recipe with supplier information

What you will need is a set of digital scales, stick blender, heat proof jugs, whisk, spatula, and a 1000 ml soap mould. Alternatively, you can buy the Soap Making Tool Kit, which contains all the equipment you will need including the soap mould. The soap mould can also be purchased on its own here.

12-month subscription includes FREE SHIPPING, 10% discount on the subscription price AND a welcome gift with the first box.

Your credit card will be charged on the last day of the month for 12 months. Your DIY Soap Box will be shipped out in the second week of the month following payment for 12 concurring months. (For example, your card will be charged on January 31st, and the February box will be shipped out on the 11th of February).

Available only in New Zealand


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