Single DIY Soap Box – Chocolate & Roses (limited edition)


All the ingredients you need to make 10 beautiful bars of chocolate and roses soap! Includes full colour step-by-step instructions and soap labels for you to download and print. Note this is a limited edition kit.

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A beautiful floral rose fragrance combined with the rich aroma of chocolate! Chocolate & roses is a gorgeous soap, but yet easy to make and assemble. It has a chocolate layer at the bottom and a swirly rose on top that allows for a bit of creative fun!

This is a limited edition kit. Only 5 boxes are available and once these are gone, it’s finished.

The DIY Soap Box contains all the ingredients you need to make approximately 1000 ml (10 bars) of soap. All you need to supply are your soap making tools (jug, bowl, stick blender, spatula) and a silicon loaf mould, similar to this one, which you can purchase here.Includes:

  • 800 g pre-mixed oils (olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, castor oil)
  • 110 g caustic soda
  • 15 ml chocolate fragrance
  • 15 ml roses fragrance
  • chocolate brown mica
  • mauve red mica
  • rose petals
  • 3 paper cups
  • 3 stirrers
  • 1 pair disposable gloves
  • little chocolate
  • full colour instructions
  • soap labels (pdf file)

Please note this box contains caustic soda and appropriate precautions should be taken when storing or handling caustic soda.

If you have never made soap before using the cold process method, please check out the following links first:

Safety and precautions when handling lye

Basic cold process soap making tutorial

Available only in NZ


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