Soap Making Starter Kit


Nearly everything you need to make soap! The starter kit includes all the equipment PLUS a large soap mould, 3x 100 ml fragrances of your choice, soap colourants, bonus ingredients, dried flowers and full colour step-by-step instructions!


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Nearly everything you need to make soap using the cold process soap making technique. All the equipment, including a hanger swirl tool to create beautiful swirls and other design tools. Bonus ingredients for you to try out, such as different micas, activated charcoal, pink clay, and titanium dioxide. All you need to supply are the oils (olive oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil), which you can buy from your local supermarket.

You’ll also receive a soap making ebook for you to download with full colour step by step photographs, 5 soap recipes, and lots of tips and hints!

The Soap Making Starter Kit contains:

  • large rectangular loaf soap mould (1200 ml)
  • set of digital scales
  • electric stick blender
  • 2.5 L plastic (pp) jug
  • 1000 ml plastic (PP) jug
  • 100 ml plastic (PP) beaker
  • silicon whisk
  • silicon spatula
  • set of measuring spoons
  • hanger swirl tool (to create colourful swirl designs)
  • mini sieve (for dusting and making mica lines)
  • wand (for swirling)
  • mini whisk (for mixing small quantities)
  • electric mini beater (for mixing colours)
  • safety goggles
  • 5 pairs of disposable gloves
  • 500 g caustic soda
  • Your choice of 3 essential oils or fragrances (100 ml each):
    • lavender essential oil
    • lemon essential oil
    • lemongrass essential oil
    • peppermint essential oil
    • sweet orange essential oil
    • coconut lime fragrance
    • cucumber mint fragrance
    • orange blossom fragrance
    • red rose fragrance
  • 100 ml sodium lactate
  • 3 soap colourants:
    • red soap pigment
    • blue soap pigment
    • yellow soap pigment
  • small 0.15 CC measuring spoon
  • gold mica
  • three samples of mica (assorted colours)
  • activated charcoal
  • pink clay
  • titanium dioxide
  • bio glitter
  • 3 small sachets of dried flowers (lavender, calendula, rose)
  • Instruction booklet (pdf file)

Available only in New Zealand

3 reviews for Soap Making Starter Kit

  1. Rochelle Sy

    Hi Jackie. I ordered this last night! Just wanted to say how excited i am and looking forward to receiving this!

    • Jackie

      Yay! Love your excitement! 👍❤️

  2. Rochelle Sy

    Hi Jackie. I place my order last night. Cant wait for this to arrive 😊

    • Jackie

      Fantastic! I’m just putting it together and hopefully I’ll be able to send them all out tomorrow!

  3. Sarah koo

    Hi Jackie I really like to buy the beginners starter kit but I don’t have Paypal. Can I pay you online? Sarah from your class at Uxbridge.

    • Jackie

      Yes you can! You can either use PayPal with your credit card (no sign up necessary) or contact me if you like to do a bank transfer instead. 😊

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