Lip products

DIY Lipstick

Making your own lipstick can seem daunting at first, but once you’ve made your first lipstick, you’ll want to keep making more! Not only can you make sure you only use natural ingredients, you also get to do the fun part of playing with colours. For extra fun, why not make it a girls night in and turn it into a crafty lipstick party? […]

Bath fizzies and scrubs

Basic bath bomb tutorial

Bath bombs are pure balls of fizzy fun at bath time. Not only that, bath bombs can have positive effects on your skin, body and mood. Depending on what ingredients you add, they can either be skin soothing, relaxing, invigorating or detoxifying. Here is a simple basic bath bomb tutorial for you to try. […]

Balms and lotions

How to infuse oils with herbs and flowers

Infused oils are very versatile and useful. Depending on the herbs and flowers you have used, you can use them in your cooking, as a skin oil, for massage or you can add them to
your balms and lotions. […]

Lip products

Basic 1,2,3 lip balm tutorial

Lip balms are fun and easy to make. You only need a few ingredients: a liquid vegetable oil, such as sunflower oil or sweet almond oil; a vegetable butter, like shea butter or cocoa butter; and a wax, which is usually beeswax or candelilla wax for a vegan option. […]

Balms and lotions

Basic balm tutorial

Balms are very versatile and can be made for many uses, depending on what ingredients are added. A good place to start formulating balms is by using equal parts of wax, oil, and butter […]

Melt and pour soap

Basic melt and pour soap tutorial

Melt and pour soap is basically melting a pre-made soap base and then pouring it into a soap mold, hence the name! The technique of melting and pouring the pre-made soap is very simple. […]

Cold process soap

Basic cold process soap tutorial

Soap making isn’t complicated, but it does require you to work accurately and safely. And although this is a simple soap recipe, it will teach you the necessary skills to continue on to more advanced techniques […]