Cold process soap

Rainbow soap

A rainbow of colours that stands out against a backdrop of white soap, and combined with a fresh citrus essential oil blend. The technique to make this soap is deceivingly simple! […]


Mica swirling technique

Creating swirly mica tops on your soaps looks a lot harder than it is, and the result is simply stunning! The surface of the soap is usually a just as important as the soap itself, and learning a technique that will create beautiful tops is very handy, especially since it leaves a lot of room for creativity. […]

Cold process soap

Love Spell Soap

Inspired by the name of the soap fragrance, Love Spell, this soap features plenty of magic with a gorgeous magenta swirl in its centre and gold swirling on top. The techniques used here are drop swirling and mica swirl painting. […]

Cold process soap

In the pot swirl technique

This is one of the easiest way to produce coloured swirls in soaps and a great technique to get started into swirling soap. The best effect is created with two colours, but you can use more colours, […]