Cold process soap

Rock Soaps

These stunning marbled rock soaps are fun and easy to make! […]

Hair care

Solid shampoo bars

Learn how to make this gentle cleansing shampoo bar, which leaves your hair soft, silky and tangle-free. Suits all hair types, and this tutorial is a great introduction for those wanting to venture into making solid shampoo and conditioner bar. […]

Cold process soap

5X Sweet Orange Soap

Using a high concentration orange essential oil in this soap intensifies its fragrance and will help keep the scent from fading over time. […]

Bath fizzies and scrubs

Bubble bars

Who doesn’t love bubble bars? Easy to make, but expensive to buy, here’s a recipe to create your own fun delicious smelling bubble bars! […]

Cold process soap

Soap dough tips and tricks

Soap dough is soft, pliable soap that you can knead and mold into little shapes and figures, and use to embellish your soap creations! […]

Cold process soap

Lemon and poppy seeds soap

Lemon and poppy seeds is an all-natural soap suitable for beginners soap makers, with an extra twist for those who like to try out new things! […]

Cold process soap

Northern lights soap

Northern Lights is a stunning soap, which is fairly simple to make. I’ve used a combination of activated charcoal, pigments and glow in the dark pigment, and utilising a layering technique, to create the wavy bands of colours. Fresh garden mint with subtle floral notes completes this astonishing recreation of the northern lights! […]