Cold process soap

Rainbow soap

A rainbow of colours that stands out against a backdrop of white soap, and combined with a fresh citrus essential oil blend. The technique to make this soap is deceivingly simple! […]

Cold process soap

Purple swirl soap

This swirly soap is made without actually swirling the soap! It’s a very neat trick, using a very fluid soap emulsion, to produce the fine lines and swirl in the soap. […]

Cold process soap

Ocean Waves Soap

Dusting mica between the layers will add a touch of sophistication to your soaps. But the real star of this soap is the three dimensional mica swirling on the surface to recreate the movement of the waves in the ocean. […]

Cold process soap

It’s a green world soap

The colours really pop in this soap, which has been coloured using a freestyle pour technique and showcases the stark contrasts between the different green micas. […]

Cold process soap

Sunrise soap (gradient technique)

This week’s soap is inspired by the yellow and orange colours of the sunrise and I wanted to create something to use in the morning shower that would remind me of those sunny mornings. […]

Cold process soap

Confetti soap

If you make soap, it is most likely that you have little leftover pieces of soaps, or soaps that you didn’t like for some reason. Instead of throwingRead more… them away, there are ways to re-use the soaps […]

Cold process soap

In the pot swirl technique

This is one of the easiest way to produce coloured swirls in soaps and a great technique to get started into swirling soap. The best effect is created with two colours, but you can use more colours, […]

Bath fizzies and scrubs

Easter bath bomb chicks

Easter doesn’t have to be all about chocolate, although I wouldn’t say no to chocolate, but it’s nice to get something different for a change. Especially if you have little ones, and they get more chocolate than they could (or should) ever eat! These Easter bath bomb chicks are easy and fun to make. […]