Cold process soap

Noel soap

Noel is a castile soap that reminds me of Christmas times of past. Memories, family celebrations, faded photographs, hues of gold, green and red, the star on the Christmas tree, and a scent that lingered wherever you would go. The soap has a green and red swirl, which stands out against the white soap. I also introduce a new technique, the push swirl, which is a good swirling method for soap that has thickened. […]

Cold process soap

Ocean Waves Soap

Dusting mica between the layers will add a touch of sophistication to your soaps. But the real star of this soap is the three dimensional mica swirling on the surface to recreate the movement of the waves in the ocean. […]


Mica swirling technique

Creating swirly mica tops on your soaps looks a lot harder than it is, and the result is simply stunning! The surface of the soap is usually a just as important as the soap itself, and learning a technique that will create beautiful tops is very handy, especially since it leaves a lot of room for creativity. […]

Cold process soap

Love Spell Soap

Inspired by the name of the soap fragrance, Love Spell, this soap features plenty of magic with a gorgeous magenta swirl in its centre and gold swirling on top. The techniques used here are drop swirling and mica swirl painting. […]