Cold process soap

Vegan and palm-free Soap Dough

UPDATED: Finally a VEGAN and PALM-FREE soap dough recipe that is smooth and pliable and isn’t sticky! Check out this tutorial that will make 6 different colours in one go! Simple to make and the dough will keep for a year or longer. […]

Bath fizzies and scrubs

Bubble bars

Who doesn’t love bubble bars? Easy to make, but expensive to buy, here’s a recipe to create your own fun delicious smelling bubble bars! […]

Cold process soap

Holly Berry soap

Sometimes a fragrance is just too beautiful not to be used. Even if it can and most likely will cause your soap to seize. Holly Berry fragrance from Candlescience is one such fragrance, which I love and really wanted to use in a soap. Soaping at low temperatures and working very fast, I created this gorgeous Christmas soap, and it wasn’t so difficult after all! […]

Melt and pour soap

Play dough soap

Kids love play dough and kids love bath time! Why not combine the two and make play dough soap that they can play with in the bath? Keeps them busy just that little longer! […]


Testing purple micas

The last in the mica colour test series, purple is particular important for the ever popular lavender soap. However, it has always been a difficult colour to achieve in cold process soap, one reason many soap makers turn to micas for this colour. […]

Cold process soap

Ocean Waves Soap

Dusting mica between the layers will add a touch of sophistication to your soaps. But the real star of this soap is the three dimensional mica swirling on the surface to recreate the movement of the waves in the ocean. […]


Testing yellows and orange

Sunshine, joy, happiness, cheerful, those are all words we associated with yellow. This week, I’ll be looking at how yellow and orange mica behaves in cold process soap. […]


Mica swirling technique

Creating swirly mica tops on your soaps looks a lot harder than it is, and the result is simply stunning! The surface of the soap is usually a just as important as the soap itself, and learning a technique that will create beautiful tops is very handy, especially since it leaves a lot of room for creativity. […]