Cold process soap

Frappucino Soap

Coffee with a hint of chocolate. The perfect combination for a frappucino soap! […]

Melt and pour soap

Coconut and lime MP soap

Let your senses take you on tropical vacation next time you shower. This soap is scented with the smooth fragrance of coconut paired with refreshing lime, the perfect combination for island dreams! The layered design of the soap is softened by the crinkle cutter, giving the soap a cool wavy look. […]

Melt and pour soap

Watermelon soap pops

Learn how to make these fun and delicious fragranced watermelon pops. Careful, they look good enough to eat! […]

Cold process soap

Cucumber mint soap

Make this refreshing cucumber mint soap, which is not only soothing to your skin but also gently exfoliates due to the added fresh cucumber puree! […]

Balms and lotions

Insect repellent balm (vegan)

Are the mozzies and sandflies getting to you too? It seems this year is worse than usual. It must be all that rain. There’s nothing worse than sitting outside enjoying a glass of chardonnay in the evening and then having to escape inside because of the sandflies! […]