Cold process soap

Confetti soap

If you make soap, it is most likely that you have little leftover pieces of soaps, or soaps that you didn’t like for some reason. Instead of throwingRead more… them away, there are ways to re-use the soaps […]

Bath fizzies and scrubs

Easter bath bomb chicks

Easter doesn’t have to be all about chocolate, although I wouldn’t say no to chocolate, but it’s nice to get something different for a change. Especially if you have little ones, and they get more chocolate than they could (or should) ever eat! These Easter bath bomb chicks are easy and fun to make. […]

Cold process soap

Honey, oats and milk soap

This is one of my favourite natural soap recipes and despite not adding any fragrance, the soap smells deliciously like porridge, which isn’t surprising as the soap is made of the same ingredients: milk, oats and honey. […]

Balms and lotions

Insect repellent balm (vegan)

Are the mozzies and sandflies getting to you too? It seems this year is worse than usual. It must be all that rain. There’s nothing worse than sitting outside enjoying a glass of chardonnay in the evening and then having to escape inside because of the sandflies! […]