Jelly soap: tips and tricks

Jelly soap base is very easy to work with: cut, melt and pour. However, the viscosity of the soap does leave (unwanted) air bubbles trapped within. How to get rid of these and which method is best for melting the jelly soap base? […]

Melt and pour soap

Fish in a bag with a jelly twist

I’ve added a twist to the popular ‘fish-in-the-bag’ soaps by using jelly soap to create these fun jiggly-wobbly blue soap cubes with a brightly coloured toy fish inside. Kids will love these and they are so easy to make! […]

Melt and pour soap

Basic melt and pour soap tutorial

Melt and pour soap is basically melting a pre-made soap base and then pouring it into a soap mold, hence the name! The technique of melting and pouring the pre-made soap is very simple. […]