Purple swirl soap

Cold process soap

This swirly soap is made without actually swirling the soap! It’s a very neat trick, using a very fluid soap emulsion, to produce the fine lines and swirl in the soap. […]

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Soap Maker’s Pretzels


What food does a soap maker eat? Pretzels of course! Check out this recipe for delicious authentic tasting soft pretzels made the original way by dipping into lye. […]

Luffa soap

Melt and pour soap

Luffa soaps are great for rough skin, like on your knees, elbows or feet. I love using them in my foot bath after a scrub, but also have one in my shower […]

Basil Lime Soap CPOP

Cold process soap

I’d like to introduce you to the CPOP (cold process oven process) technique. This is making your soap using the normal cold process method, but then we place the soap in the oven to induce the gel phase […]

No Tears Baby Shampoo

Hair care

Babies have very delicate skin that is still so pure and perfect. Using normal soap and shampoo products on their skin would remove their protective oils and leave their skin dry and prone to irritations. […]

Coffee Soap

Cold process soap

No more smelly hands! Gets rid of unpleasant odours like garlic and fish! […]