Bath and body

Natural VEGAN deodorant

Palm-free, vegan, no baking soda, aluminium or harsh ingredients! Learn to make this 100% natural deodorant, which relies on the absorption powers of bamboo extract and tapioca starch, while a special essential oil blend of lime, lemongrass and peppermint combats odour-causing bacteria, keeping your armpits feeling and smelling fresh and clean! […]


Making the Masterclass Cream

Making the masterclass cream wasn’t that difficult – as long as you follow the instructions and do what they tell you. Check out the video of me making the cream and more tips! […]


Do I need expensive equipment to formulate?

Do you need to buy expensive equipment when you start formulating? Well, that depends. If you already know that you’re serious about skin care formulation, then you will need a few things. But if you are just giving it a go to see if this is something you might want to do, then let’s have a look at what’s in your kitchen already. […]


The philosophy of skin care formulation

How do you define ‘natural’? What does natural mean to you? What is your philosophy when it comes to skin care and formulation? And why should you care? Why are you using a particular ingredient? How does that ingredient fit in with your philosophy? These questions and more are discussed in lesson 1 of the Masterclass. […]


Using your masterclass ingredients to make more!

So you still have ingredients left over from your Masterclass? Or did you enjoy making the cream so much that you can’t wait to make more products? Or are you as impatient as I was and want to start making immediately? Using the same ingredients (with a few extras), I’ll show you how to make a hydrating serum, bi-phase cleanser and micellar water to go with the beautiful botanical face cream you will make in the Masterclass. […]

Skin Care

Micellar Water with Kumerahou & Manuka

Learn how to make this beautiful 3-in-1 micellar water, which cleanses, tones and hydrates your skin, without the need to rinse afterwards. Mild, soothing, anti-inflammatory, this gentle water removes dirt and grime from your skin, leaving your skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated. […]


Which surfactant?

Cocamidopropyl betaine, coco-glucoside, capric/caprylic glucoside, kumerahou extract? Which one to use? I’ve tested these plus a NZ native botanical extract to find out what each of them is like. […]