Christmas Fragrances

Choosing fragrances is always difficult, especially when making soap. Which accelerate, which discolour? Unless you test yourself, you don’t really know in advance how a fragrance behaves in soap. So here are some fragrances that are available in New Zealand that I have tested for you. […]

Tips & Tricks

How to make your own soap divider

Make your own dividers for your soap moulds using cardboard. Not only is it cheaper, they’re also more flexible allowing you to position them exactly where you want them to be! […]


Everything about water in soap making

Water is one of the main ingredients in soap making, but how important is it really? What kind of water should you be using? And how much? What are the effects of water in soap making? […]

Cold process soap

Soap icing and how to pipe soap

Making and using soap icing isn’t all that difficult if you follow a few pointers, and before you know it, you’ll be making your own stunning soap creations! […]

Cold process soap

Soap dough tips and tricks

Soap dough is soft, pliable soap that you can knead and mold into little shapes and figures, and use to embellish your soap creations! […]