Christmas Fragrances

Over the past weeks, and with the help of my students, I’ve been testing some of the Christmas fragrances available here in New Zealand. I checked for acceleration and discolouration, and tested fragrances from Zen Aroma, Pure Nature and Candle Creations. These are suppliers who provide high quality fragrances, which have been independently tested and certified by IFRA, the International Fragrance Association. Why is this important? Because fragrances can contain more than 100 different compounds, and the IFRA looks at the formulations, ensuring that every ingredient used in the making of the fragrance is within the limits of safe use (in skin care) and of quality high standard. Responsible suppliers will have the certifications for their fragrances either on their website or available on request, and fragrances will have different usage rates for different types of products (rinse off, leave on, and candles).

We tested these fragrances with my trusted simple castile oil recipe, which I have used so many times that I know exactly how it should behave and look like. Please note that despite my testing, other factors can cause acceleration and discolouration, such as the types of oils used, temperature of soaping, and other additives.

I will add these fragrances to the extensive fragrance list that I have been compiling and you can access here. In the meantime, here are the Christmas fragrances. Enjoy!

Zen Aroma

Candy Cane – no acceleration, discolours to beige, note this has a peppermint with a fruity undertone scent

Christmas Cabin – no acceleration, light discolouration

Christmas Night – light acceleration, discolours

Christmas Time – very fast acceleration, discolours to a reddish brown

Frankincense & Myrrh – accelerates, discolours to beige

Frosted Pinecones – light acceleration, light discolouration

Mulled Wine – no acceleration, discolours to light brown

Brown Sugar & Fig – no acceleration, discolours to brown 

Apple Cinnamon Fragrance –  accelerates, discolours to brown, faint scent retention

Gingerbread – no acceleration, discolours to beige

Aspen Winter – no acceleration, discolours to brown

Pure Nature

Christmas Hearth – accelerates (mashed potato), discolours to beige

Christmas Tree – light acceleration, light discolouration 

Fraser Fir – no acceleration, discolours to dark cream

Candle Creations

Evening Snow – light acceleration, light discolouration

Sugar & Spice – no acceleration, discolours to dark beige

White Mistletoe – accelerates, light discolouration

Noel – light acceleration, light discolouration

PS I have Mistletoe as well, but no one ever seems to want to test that one (the smell is very cleaning-product like…)

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