Bath and body

Copy Cat formulation: Cheeky Clean Spray

My first copy-cat formulation! Not only is this completely natural and great for your skin (on a certain part of your body), but you’ll also be doing something good for the environment. This spray is a natural, eco-friendly alternative to wet wipes, and it’s so easy to make! […]


Christmas Fragrances

Choosing fragrances is always difficult, especially when making soap. Which accelerate, which discolour? Unless you test yourself, you don’t really know in advance how a fragrance behaves in soap. So here are some fragrances that are available in New Zealand that I have tested for you. […]


DIY Box is closing – LAST CHANCE!

I never thought that this day would come so soon, but unfortunately DIY Soap Box is closing down. The next 6 months will be the last 6 boxes, but they’ll be the best ever! Six amazing designs! So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now! Don’t miss out – sign ups close 30 June! […]


Upcoming soap classes Term 1

This term is a busy month! The Mairangi Soap Class is already underway (and fully booked out). There are weekend classes for soap making, solid shampoo and conditioners, and the new making your own botanical face cream that is now offered at several schools. Check htem out now! […]


How to pipe Christmas trees

These are my favourite Christmas soaps to make, because, you gotta admit, they look incredibly cute! Check out my cold process piping soap recipe, how to pipe Christmas trees, and how to get a bright green colour for your Christmas trees! […]


My Formula Botanica Final Project – Part 5

Now that I figured out how to incorporate the colloidal oatmeal to an emulsion without it going lumpy, I had the mechanics of the formulation sussed and could now focus on the cream itself. In this part, I do my first tweaks to the formulation and wonder how natural are my ingredients? […]