How to make your own soap divider

Soap dividers are a cool add on to your tool kit as a soap maker, but buying them can be expensive and they’ll only fit the one mould that you bought them for, or they’re not exactly positioned where you want them. That can be annoying.

Making your own is the much better option! All you need is a bit of sturdy cardboard, scissors and your soap mould. Note that this works best with wooden loaf moulds that have a silicon insert in them, or silicon moulds without the wooden box around them. I love using them in my little 500 ml mould (1/2 loaf mould).

You can make them and use them in other moulds, like acrylic or plastic moulds, but they might leak.


    • Yes, you can. RBD means refined, bleached and deodorised. It is one of the standard coconut oils used in soap making and cosmetics.

    • Yes you can. RBD stands for refined, bleached and deodorised and is the same as ‘normal’ coconut oil

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