I have an idea….

Just a quick post. I thought I might share a bit of my creative process, although this sounds like a lot more than it actually is. It’s just me trying out an idea.

An idea for a soap idea came to me last night, which is nothing unusual. I see ideas for soap all the time. I also try out some of those ideas. I call this playing. But you can call it creative artist at work! Hahaha!

When I play, there is not much brain involved. There’s no planning, no testing, no preparing, nothing like that. I just go for it. It involves a lot of swearing (where the $%£# did I put that red mica?), a lot of panicking, and definitely a lot of making it up as I go along. It is not a recommended way of making soap. And honestly, most of these first idea soaps don’t turn out at all. But this is how many of my soap tutorials and DIY boxes start out. With an idea.

Warning: very boring video with catchy tune. You will see no fancy techniques or a “Wow, look at this soap” result. It’s just me, trying out an idea…

This soap is now in the oven. Tomorrow I’ll cut it and see if I want to continue. If yes, I have already a few tweaks and changes in my head.

Sometimes there will be lots and lots of such tries before I will even think of turning it into possible DIY Box or tutorial. And sometimes, I’ll ditch the idea after the first try.

We’ll see tomorrow if this has any potential. And if it does, you might be lucky and see a Year of the Tiger soap tutorial up soon!

Btw if you want to know how this soap turned out, pop over to my Facebook page tomorrow. I’ll post a picture of it and let you know what I’ve decided.

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