Cold process soap

Coffee Soap

No more smelly hands! Gets rid of unpleasant odours like garlic and fish! […]

Cold process soap

Frappucino Soap

Coffee with a hint of chocolate. The perfect combination for a frappucino soap! […]

Bath fizzies and scrubs

Coffee scrub

Leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and looking radiant and rejuvenated with this coffee body scrub! An all-in-one: scrub, wash and moisturise, the perfect solution for those in a hurry! […]

Cold process soap

Coffee soap

Flat white soap is a deliciously coffee scented soap with extra coffee grounds for an exfoliating effect. Because coffee fragrances tend to discolour the soap brown, a small portion of the soap remains unscented to create the white layer and ‘milk foam’ on top. […]