Cold process soap

Lavender and ylang ylang soap

By focusing on the properties of the essential oils, I created a soap with a beautiful comforting fragrance, which will uplift your mood and bring joy and happiness. […]

Bath fizzies and scrubs

Pink clay and salt bath bombs

Did you know, clays can also be added to bath bombs? These bath bombs combine the cleansing properties of clay with the detoxifying benefits of Himalayan sea salt for a wonderful bath experience. […]

Cold process soap

Cleansing clay soap

Clays are a wonderful additive in soaps. They will gently smooth and exfoliate your skin without irritating. This tutorial uses pink clay, an extra gentle clay blended with essential oils. […]

Bath fizzies and scrubs

New Zealand lavender bath bombs

Lavender is not something you usually associate with New Zealand, so it comes to a surprise to many to hear that there are several dozen commercial lavender growing farms here in New Zealand […]

Cold process soap

Lavender castile soap

Castile soaps are named after the Castile region in Spain, where the olive oil based soap originated. Historically, the soaps were made from olive and laurel oils, but nowadays, castile stands for soaps made with 100% olive oil. […]


How to use soap pigments

I’m a big fan of soap pigments. They tend to colour my soap very evenly and are easy to use. They are definitely a lot less messy than lakes and micas, and also a little goes a long way. I would strongly suggest to invest in a trio of soap pigments, if you are into cold process soap making! […]