Candy cane swirl melt and pour

You will often hear that melt and pour soaps are unsuited for swirls. While it is true that the usual swirling techniques used in cold process soaps can’t be applied to melt and pour soap bases, there are ways to achieve really cool swirling effects in melt and pour. Using one such technique results in this yummy candy cane swirl soap, perfect for a last minute Christmas gift!

Dog soap for sensitive skin

Did you know that a dog’s skin pH differs from us humans? That is why using shampoo and soaps made for humans are generally irritating to dogs and can cause itching, flakiness and inflammation. This specially formulated dog soap is made with the pH and sensitive skin of dogs in mind. It contains shea butter, castor oil and colloidal oatmeal as well as a special blend of essential oils to soothe and calm sensitive skins. Simple to make and your dog will thank you for it!