Testing yellows and orange

I love sunny mornings and how it makes everything happier and brighter. Sunshine just seems to lift everyone’s spirits and moods. And although it’s been unbelievably cold this week, the sunny weather makes me care a lot less about the cold. I just wrap myself up in a warm jacket and woolly hat, and off I go walking the dog. I even look forward to it, despite the freezing temperature.

To reflect the happy, sunny weather we have at the moment, this week will be all about the yellows and orange colours. I have some great tutorials coming up later this week, but today, I’ll show you how the yellow and orange micas from Pure Nature behave in cold process soap.

Pure Nature has 2 yellow micas, Yellow Glitter and Magic Yellow, and one orange mica, Orange Saffron. All three produce beautiful, bright colours, but they do exhibit some strange behaviour during the process.

Let’s start with what the colours look like after a week of curing:

As you can see, the colours are nice and bright, and are true to what they are supposed to be. The yellows are what I think true yellows, there is no brown or orange hue  in them. The difference between them is slight, but the Magic Yellow is a warmer, richer yellow than the pastel-like Yellow Glitter.

The Yellow Glitter also took a little detour, before becoming this shade of yellow. For the first two days, I was convinced it was going to end up orange. Yes, that’s how long before it finally started turning back to nice yellow!

The orange on the other hand, behaved itself and remained orange throughout the process. No funny surprises here.

So for this week, enjoy the sunshine, and don’t forget to check back for some yellow and orange tutorials!

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