School holiday ideas for kids

Trying to keep children entertained during the school holidays can be difficult, and despite google and Pinterest, it’s not easy to come up with new, fresh ideas! I’ve listed some kid-friendly tutorials and other tutorials that will keep your kids happy!

1. Jelly soap


That has to be my number one. The wobbly, jiggly jelly soap is not only easy and fun to make, but will put a smile on any child’s face! Added bonus: you’ll never have to ask your kids to wash their hands again.

2. Play dough soap


Combining play dough and bath time? What a genius idea! Will keep kids in the bath for hours PLUS cleaning up is a breeze.

3. Bath bombs


Want to keep the kids even longer in the bath? Add a bath bomb or two. Watch their delight when the bath bomb starts to fizz and the water change colour. Bigger kids can make their own bath bombs – that’s an afternoon of happy crafting!

4. Melt and pour soap


Probably the most versatile and fun soap bases to create fun soaps with. Make coloured layers, add little toys to the soaps, or create gorgeous soaps using both clear and white soap bases, the ideas are endless. A great way for bigger kids to spend another afternoon releasing their inner creativity. The soaps also make for great gifts!

5. Fish in a bag with a jelly twist


The kids loved these jelly soaps with a little fish inside them! I don’t think this needs further explanation.

6. Crystal soaps


Made with melt and pour soap base, these crystal soaps are stunning but surprisingly easy to make. And you can make them in all colours, shapes and sizes. If you want to keep your bigger kids occupied for the whole day, this project is it. I warn you though, you’ll have the house full of crystal soaps afterwards.

7. Lip balms


Fruity, minty, bubblegum… the flavours are endless. Ideally, you’d get a group of kids together for a fun make-your-own-lip-balms party!

8. Lip tints and lipsticks


And for the girls, add some colour to the lip balms and turn them into lip tints or lipsticks!

Check back for some more kid-friendly tutorials during these school holidays!


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