2017 Christmas Soap-Along

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Woohoo! It’s a Soap-Along! This has been a while in the making – a lot of planning and preparing, but it’s finally here. Come and join the 2017 Christmas Soap-Along!

As a group you’ll be working on a special Christmas themed cold process soap, and I can promise you that you’ll love it <3 

What is a SAL (Soap-Along)

A SAL or Soap-Along is a group of soapers who all work from the same set of instructions to make their own soap. However, the set of instructions is broken down into parts, also called clues, which are revealed only one at the time, and participants do not know what they are making and how the finished soap will look like until the end.

Where did I come up with this idea?

I am also an avid knitter, although to be truthful, since I’ve founded IN MY SOAP POT, my knitting has taken a bit of a back seat. Knit-alongs (KAL) have always had a big following in knitters circles and  I’ve participated in several KALs over the past years. They’ve been  so much fun that I wanted to do something similar for soapers.

Why you should join a Soap-Along?

They’re both fun, a chance to bond and connect with other soapers, and an opportunity to try out something new! Often times soapers can see a photo of a project and get overwhelmed by its complexity or the technique and decide there is no way they are going to attempt making that soap (even if they would have been perfectly capable of it). With a SAL there is no photo to incite fear… you just get your clue and follow it word for word, and at the end you’ll be surprised what you are actually capable off! SALs inspire confidence! Everyone will be working on the same project and at the same pace, and you will be able to share your progress and photos in the group.

Why a Facebook Group and not just post it here on the blog?

Facebook groups allow for a more secluded setting, away from the public scrutiny (and trolls) giving you the privacy to share and post at will as you work through your SAL clues. This is particularly important for beginners, who might feel intimidated asking questions or posting pictures of their progress. We have a ‘leave no soaper behind’ policy and everyone will be treated with kindness and respect. Working within a group, you’ll find all the support and encouragement you need. Each part of the SAL will guide you step by step through your project and as the host of the SAL I’ll be there on hand to answer any questions too!
I also want the Soap-Along to be something special for those of you who join up. Groups are a great way to bond with like-minded people, and also allow me to communicate and share with you in a more direct way than what is usually possible through my blog or Facebook page. In my soap making workshops, I often hear how participants love being finally able to connect and talk to other soapers, and I hope the SAL will give you another place to bond and share with other passionate soapers!

I’m a beginner soap maker, can I join?

Yes! All I require is that you have made one or two batches of soap before starting on your Soap-Along adventure, so that you know what cold process soap making entails. During the SAL, I will guide and support you every step of the way!
The 2017 Christmas SAL is set up for beginners and advanced soap makers alike. It will give all a chance to try out new techniques and learn new skills!

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