Free online course – I need your help!

Ok, so I’m brave enough to start online courses, and I want to offer a free mini course first so I can iron out any wrinkles and fix it before people start paying me. But…. here’s where you come in: What would you like me to offer? Comment with your ideas and suggestions! What do you want to learn?

Just a wee bit more information about the upcoming courses, and which hopefully will explain why it took me so long to get set up and started.

Each course will consist of videos, a workbook, and of course all the info and course notes that go with it. There will be quizzes to help you, Q&A options, update notifications, and what’s more important, the course will not expire, so you’ll always have access to it!

Having done a few online courses now with different schools, I think I know now what works and what doesn’t, what people seem to like the most and what they don’t. The Formula Botanica Masterclass was really helpful to realise that mini-courses are what I need to do. I loved their approach of keeping their lessons short and their videos to 10 minutes max. After all, who has time to watch hours of video tutorials (anything over 30 minutes usually ends up bookmarked by me for later aka never watching).

Short courses broken down into bite-size lessons that you can easily fit into your busy schedule!

I’m not opening a school (thank you to those for asking and actually thinking that I could do that! ❤️❤️❤️), my courses will be for helping you on your soap making journey. They won’t be this big, huge learn-everything-about-soapmaking-plus-all-the-theory, but rather smaller bite-size courses that you can choose from which ones you need and want to do. It will also keep the cost down for you and you don’t have to buy anything you aren’t interested in. (I hate it when there are lessons and lessons of stuff I already know or isn’t useful to me). And also, which is just as important, with my ADHD, big projects seem to lose their oomph after a while or I just get lost in the details. Smaller courses means they will get done! I promise!

So I think I’m ready….. eek! Wish me luck and I look forward to hearing what you want to learn!

Remember, this is YOU deciding the topic of the first FREE MINI-COURSE 🎓 Comment with your ideas and suggestions!

If you are looking forward to the upcoming mini-courses and want to help me get set up, please consider sponsoring my necessary caffeine fix by donating a coffee (or what we call a flat white here in New Zealand)! It’s been some very, very early morning starts!


  1. I would like to know how to colour soaps. I’m never quite sure how much mica to put in. It would also be cool to explore other colouring options e.g. natural ones.

  2. I will like to know how to mix clay in soap making and how to make a baby soap with milk and honey….am from nigeria and here we bath baby with soap………thank you in advance

    • Hi Faith! Have you checked the post How to Use Clays in Soaps where I discuss the different types of clays and their benefits, as well as how to add them to soaps. I also just recently re-posted my Manuka soap tutorial, which uses honey. I’m currently working on a milk soaps course, so that will hopefully come out this year! Hope this helps 😊

  3. I think Formulating 101 would be a great idea. How to determine what goes in and how much. Whether it be soap or lotion, serums etc. seems a lot of people don’t know exactly what goes into formulations.

  4. Hi, as a beginner I would like a soap 101 fundamentals – how to choose the oils, fragrance etc. Saying that, I’d watch any of the other suggestions too 😀

  5. I would like to learn more about making salt bars specifically with other liquids besides distilled water like coconut milk. Thanks love your site

  6. Hi Jackie, I would love to know how to make clear soaps – they are so pretty! I’d also like to experiment with solid shampoo bars.

  7. I’d love to know how to make liquid soap, although I suspect it may be a bit technical for an online course.

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